About Us

Vision -  Art It Up & Be Inspired!

Mission - Creating inspiration for ALL by offering original Artwork to rent directly from local Artists.

Art It Up was formed in April 2020.  During this wild time, almost everything came to a halt - offices, restaurants, galleries, schools - all closed.  We were experiencing a new way of life from HOME…living, working, schooling, exercising, making, baking and tech-connecting. 

The founder of Art It Up, visual artist Rachelle Brockman, understood the power of original artwork to inspire and connect us.  She also understood that people love and appreciate original artwork, yet often find it inaccessible - financially and sometimes, literally.  She also understood that artists like her would be ready to adapt and share the power of their inspirations in a new, accessible and self-honouring way.

There were immediate and big picture questions to address…

  • How can we have access to original artwork at home, at the cottage, at work and in ALL our personal spaces?
  • How can we transform our spaces to feel more inspired and connected?
  • How can more people afford the original artwork they love?
  • How can we benefit from and honour Artists and the culture they create in our local communities?
  • How can Artists honour themselves and their work by putting a stop to unfair practices - such as working for free or worse yet, paying unreasonable commissions to galleries and other venues?
  • How can we support local Artists directly - creating the fairest trade possible for their work?
  • How can we, the Artists, connect with and inspire YOU directly?
  • How can we do all of this in a contactless way if we so choose?

    The solution was clear - Art It Up & Be Inspired