How It Works - Artist


Email with the following information:

    1.  Your Name, type of Artist, location, contact information
    • Optional Bio, Artist Statement &/or CV ( in a word doc)
      • Include links to website, social media
      • Optional - include a quality photo of yourself
        • jpeg or png
      2.  Quality photos of your original* Artworks 
      • jpg or png
        • Named the 'Titles' of the Artworks
      3.  List of original* Artworks (in a word or excel table), including:
      • Titles
      • Dimensions (see Dimension Chart in top menu)
      • Medium(s) used
      • Descriptions (ie:  painting, sculpture, on canvas, framed, etc.)
      • Value (in Cdn$)
      • Optional:  Tags for each Artwork that will help in searches.  For example,
        • Style:  abstract, realism, etc.
        • Subject:  lanscape, figure, etc.
        • Symbolism:  culture, gender, etc.
        • Size:  small, medium, large
        • etc.
      Please Note:  It is the Artist's responsibility to ensure that ALL Artworks are original, signed by the Artist, in good condition and ready-to-install upon delivery to the customer.  It is also recommended that the Artist provide the Customer with appropriate, quality installation hardware that corresponds with your Artwork.  


      After the above information is received and accepted by Art It Up, the Artist will be instructed to pay the Listing Fee online.  This is a one time fee per Artwork.  

      Listing fee:      $1.00 per artwork listed (1 time only-unlimited rentals) 

      Once the Artwork is rented (or purchased), the Customer makes payment to Art It UpArt It Up then forwards payment to the Artists, less the Rental Fee below.

      Rental Fee:      9% of rental (or purchase) amount

      Artwork valued at $1000
      Art It Up collects $90 from Customer & pays Artist $81.90 (3 mo rental)
      Art It Up retains:
      -Listing Fee:               $1.00 (1 time - paid in advance by Artist)
      -Rent/Payment Fee:  $8.10 (for 3 month rental)


      The Artist will arrange and deliver the 'ready to install' and in good condition Artwork to the customer located within 20 km of the Artist's location.  At the end of the contract, the Artist will arrange for and pick-up the Artwork from the Customer. 



      A RENTAL AGREEMENT between all parties (Renter, Artist & Owner) will be required to complete and will be sent by Art It Up.