How It Works - Customer

    1. Click on 'Artwork' in the top menu
    2. Find your nearest Community 
    3. Click local Artists' Names to view their Artwork Collections
    4. *Put the Artwork(s) you love in your Shopping Cart
    5. Checkout and rent the Artwork(s)
    6. Connect with the Artist - Agreement & Delivery/Return
    7. Art it Up and Be INSPIRED!
    8. Repeat any time.

*Grab a tape measure & reference the 'Dimensions' tab for sizing.  Don't worry about 'matching' - if you are 'drawn to it', it will look great anywhere - trust us!

While we love art from around the world, Art It Up rentals are only available to Customers within 20km of the Artists' locations.  Choose your closest city and see what amazing local Artwork is available to you!


Our rental rate is 3% of the value of the Artwork (as indicated by Artist) per month, plus taxes for a 3-month term. 

Shorter-term rentals of 1 week for special events (ie:  weddings, conferences, etc.) are 3% of the value of the Artwork, plus taxes.  Please contact Art It Up to make these special arrangements.

Free delivery & pick-up within 20km of the Artist's location.  Ready-to-install drop off/pick-up at your doorstep! 

Near the end of your 3-month rental term you will be contacted for the option to renew for another term, purchase the Artwork or simply end the contract by having the Artist pick-up the artwork. If you choose to purchase, Art It Up will apply 50% of the total rental fees, paid to a particular Artwork, towards its purchase price. 

Please know, when you rent Artwork from Art It Up you receive the same level of quality service as purchasing!

Because half of the rental fee of a particular Artwork can be applied towards its purchase, if you rent an Artwork long enough you get to keep it!

Sample Costs:



Option to Purchase 

under $250

Max   $7.47/month

 'Value' less 50% of any rental costs paid

$250 -$499

Max $14.97/month


$500 - $749

Max $22.47/month


$750 - $999

Max $29.97/month


$1,000 - $1,499

Max $44.97/month


$1,500 - $1,999

Max $59.97/month


$2,000 - $2,499

Max $74.97/month


*plus applicable taxes

You can rent as many Artworks from Art It Up for as many 3-month terms as you wish or return the Artwork(s) after just one.

A RENTAL AGREEMENT between all parties (Renter, Artist & Owner) will be required to complete and will be sent by Art It Up.